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Sound systems

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Sound systems

ABL is proud to have been associated with the Bose professional range of audio equipment for around 8 years. This enables us to supply and install one of the best sound systems for gymnasiums at a competitive price. We understand that different areas have different sound requirements and the Bose range is able to cater to this.

If one thing is needed in a gym it's Music!!! Normally louder the better except when the gym has got something from home trying to run at full tilt for twelve hours a day. Install a commercial sound system and get it sounding right Install a BOSE Professional system and get it sounding great. System control allowing zoned source preferences and volume control so you can hear at the counter and zone out in the weights room.

Quality systems don't have to cost the earth they just have to be designed correctly from the start. Start the right way call ABL's Qualified BOSE Professional designers and installers.

TV Distribution

By using digital modulation we can distribute your Sky channels and Music Videos with the Free to Air channels to all televisions and it is easily expandable. If you require power and ducting systems to be installed for your cardio machines we can take care of that as well. ABL can also install all your TV screens. We have come across many cardio machines with TVs designed for Australia built in, we can fix this too.

Network Cabling and WiFi

The wireless network is now an important part of a Gyms offering we can provide the network design, cabling, switches and access points to provide a complete solution.

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