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ABL offers a full consultancy service to customers. We understand that when making decisions you need to have all the information available to ensure that you reach the desired outcome.

Working with ABL at the specification and pre planning stages of a project enables us to gain a full understanding of the outcomes you are trying to achieve. We understand the best and most cost effective methods to get you there; it is what we have done successfully for almost two decades.

We have vast experience working with architects, building contractors, interior designers and other disciplines to ensure you get the very best value for your investment.

We offer consultancy as either a standalone service, or as part of the project we have been instructed to undertake

Elements we consider during consultancy:

  • Who the customers is ?
  • What is the equipment being used for and what are the requirements?
  • Who is using the equipment?
  • What is the size of the store, shop or room and requirements?
  • Design and flexibility – simple to operate ?
  • What is the existing infrastructure; equipment, wiring etc.?
  • Screen sizes/positions for optimum viewing by audience
  • What are the ambient conditions of the space, taking into account natural and artificial light ?
  • What are the audio requirements?
  • Acoustic performance –
  • Ventilation of AV systems, natural and artificial


We are experienced Account Managers who will take the lead on all of your projects providing clear lines of communication and a much needed familiarity with your internal processes. These will be ably supported by an experienced internal support team.

From initial enquiry we will work in partnership with you to guide you through the process. Following a needs assessment a full product specification with written Quotation will be provided identifying the subsequent need for any product demonstration to be carried out. We will offer you the benefit of our vast knowledge and experience to help ensure you decide upon the most innovative and intuitive solutions that will best suit you.

In addition to investing time with our customers we also see the benefits of working closely with the industry's leading manufacturers, keeping us informed of any new product innovations. At ABL we take pride in keeping ahead with current trends and products.

Project Management 

At ABL we believe that effective Project Management is fundamental to the success of any implementation. The ultimate goal is to promote the delivery of quality products/installations that result in projects which are completed on time and within budget to our consistent high standards.

ABL have developed a Project Management Methodology, which has been established to provide a framework for any projects that the company carries out. The objective of the Methodology is to provide common standards and processes to ensure that all Projects are implemented in a disciplined, well-managed, and consistent manner, whilst providing sufficient flexibility to meet the needs of individual Projects.


One of the key elements to any of our integration process is the installation. By working with you and adopting a flexible approach we aim to get it right at the first time of asking to your complete satisfaction. It is our expertise in this area that ensures all of your audio & visual projects are a success. Our team have many years' experience of delivering audio & visual solutions. We are able to guide you through the process from consultancy and CAD based designs, all of the way through to completion and handover. Our customers commend us on our organised approach and the tidiness of our installation and cabling, this is something that we are extremely proud of.

Our team undertake regular in-house and offsite training in order to maintain our internal quality standards and the standards of our partnering suppliers. We ensure that all our teams are qualified and trained to a high standard. All technicians carry Site Safe passports and working at heights so you know that your health and safety requirements are never compromised.

At our Auckland office, we have designated workshop space to custom build all of our rack mounted equipment. This allows for competent testing of all equipment to minimise the disruption on site and also allows us to keep the onsite installation time to a minimum.



The installation is complete, the restaurant/retail space or room is tidy and it all looks amazing. You have invested in truly remarkable technology that is going to help the manner in which you carry out your day to day functions; training should be the next step, however all too often we see this element overlooked.

In many organisations the audio visual solution is often procured to help with saving costs, time, increase productivity and enhance communications both internally and externally. Many believe that these objectives are not met and this is partly due to a lack of understanding and knowledge of how to use the installed systems. Therefore the training aspect is so very important.

ABL delivers varied training packages to customers depending on needs to ensure that you gain the most from the audio and visual solution installed and meet those all important objectives of communicating better, reducing costs and increasing productivity.


After Sales Support

ABL Group prides itself that is has a strong team of dedicated Technicians that are always on hand for customers pre and post installation phase. This is a solid relationship that has been built over 16 years. Post sales is continuous where ABL are concerned, customers are never just left after an installation. Good strong positive relationships like we have could not have been built like this.

ABL have never placed time or cost constraints on any of its post sales operations. We work closely with our customers to ensure there is a smooth transition. Regular contact account management meetings will continue to take place to ensure that the system is working as required; could it work better? What are the future requirements?

Service Calls

For equipment that is out of warranty or where our customers do not have a warranty or maintenance agreement in place, ABL has a in-house service Technician that is able to respond to customers should they have an issue with equipment?

ABL offer Commercial customers a 7 day urgent callout service.

Warranty & Preventive Maintenance

For customers who require a more comprehensive cover, ABL offers a special warranty service. Taking in to account the client, the type of equipment and how the equipment is being used we can offer a service level agreement tailor made for our customers.

If the equipment is mission critical, we can offer same day response times and out of hour's assistance. Where necessary "loan" equipment can be made available to ensure your Audio &Visual system is never down for too long.

For greater peace of mind, we can arrange Preventative Maintenance Visits to help prolong the life of your equipment. These are visits which we make, in order to service your AV systems. We will supply you with a Service Report which will detail what we have done during the visit, what parts (if any) we have replaced, a report on the general condition of your system and, if appropriate, our recommendations on the current integrity of the system or how the system might be improved or enhanced in the future.



  • Audio Visual Solutions
  • Restaurant Drive Thru Solutions
  • Structured Cabling
  • CCTV
  • Access Control
  • Aerial and Satellite TV Installation
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