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Digital Menu Boards

Menu boards make a big difference in what and how customers order when dining out. Customers respond positively to Digital Menu Boards. It is easier to see tasting food on a digital display” The new Digital Menu Boards are designed to enhance customer’s in-restaurant experience while helping the business lower operating costs and digitally deliver content for menu options and promotions to the QSR restaurants.

ABL have been supplying and installing screens into the QSR industry for 5 years now

From basic install only to design, supply, install and update content – talk to us about your needs.


We understand Quick-Serve Theft our system keeps a close eye on staff and daily operations.

We will design specify install and service your CCTV system. With the ability to view your cameras from your laptop, tablet or phone.

Talk to our consultants we can even work with existing systems and improve efficiencies




An excellent dining experience has as much to do with environment and atmosphere as it does food. Your customers’ perception of their overall experience is essential, and environmental elements such as lighting, audiovisual components and background music can play an enormous role.

The perfect background music can help you set the stage for the ideal customer experience, which is why successful food establishments put so much time and effort into speaker placement, volume levels and Music Source.

From Bose to Bosch we have a music solution to suit your budget.



Drive thru Timers –Ranking System & Timing System

The Summit Ranking System is designed to display, in real time, the drive thru ranking order of restaurants in the same chain. The system is so fast, it displays updates live as each car departs the drive thru, so the data is always current and reports meaningful data.   The Summit Ranking System is designed to indicate national or global performance and highlight the top performers. This ranking system is dynamic, live and updates after every car. This is an excellent tool for crew and management motivation. The Summit Ranking System is based on CSS – Contact Service Speed. This is calculated by adding your contact points together. These points are your COD + Your Cash window time + your Pick up window time = CSS For example if a car comes through your Drive thru and take 10 seconds to order at the COD, then takes 10 seconds to cash at the cashier window then a further 10 seconds to collect the order at the pick up window then your CSS would be a total of 30 seconds. The Dynamic Ranking will average the cars for the last hour and that will be displayed as the current CSS. This result is updated immediately after every car.    

The Summit Pure Timing System is designed to engage and motivate front line employees and management with the use of color, dynamic movement and audio tones. The color and movement is specifically targeting Gen Y with the ever growing engagement challenges. The different audio tones are designed to alert shift managers of particular opportunities or bottle necks in the drive thru without them having to be in front of the timer screens. Visual complemented with audio is important for the modern manager. This Summit Pure Timing Systems makes decision making easier and more informed.




Customer Order Displays – COD’s or Speaker Posts

CODs have the ability to significantly enhance order accuracy and build sales through subliminal marketing. Our COD enables brands to update content, change register language and even enable it to suggest add on items when particular items have been ordered. If your customer orders a meal, then complementary add on will be displayed.

The COD is designed in Australia to cope with the harsh conditions that span Australian and New Zealand. These units cope with the heat, to the freezing temperatures. The COD is controlled by the Summit Pure Timing system, enabling excellent content control, remote serviceability and even the ability to change language and images from any location in the world.



Speaker Posts

Our Speaker Posts are like our COD’s built in Australia and  built tough to withstand the rigors of the drive-thru and our Weather. These speaker post have the highest possible sound quality. Its full-duplex design houses both the 3m speaker and 3m microphone. This enables customers and order-takers a clear, two-way communication for better order accuracy and customer service. ABL’s Speaker Post come in Red and Black and features an easy-to-spot, reflective “ORDER HERE”sign.



Inground Loops & MERA Loop Detection / Management System

Vehicle Loops and Loop Detectors are used to detect the presence of a vehicle in the drive thru lanes. Placed at stratigic positions to trigger sounds and headsets. As part of our timer

  • Comes complete with onboard USB Vehicle / Loop Detectors (a worlds first!).​
  • No more old outdated loop detection arrangements.​
  • MERA Vehicle / Loop Detector facility makes ongoing maintenance more cost effective to manage as all loops can be reviewed remotely.​
  • MERA Vehicle / Loop Detector allows for individual loop data to be logged for easy reference from a remote central point via the net or standard data networks.​
  • MERA Vehicle / Loop Detector allows more accuracy in diagnostic and off site remote reconfiguration of your loops as they deteriorate over time – Loops can now be remotely adjusted to suit inductance.​
  • Infinite electronic setting on the USB loop detector to cater for those unusual loop behaviour patterns in your lanes – all done remotely no more expensive site visits!​
  • The SQSRM PTS timer is supplied with 4 onboard USB detectors thereby catering for most of your drive thru requirements.​
  • The SQSRM PTS timer has critical audio paths for improved store operational SOS performance.​
  • Dynamic real time information display of your lane performance includes automatic SMS or Email critical assist warning message to area managers or store operators.​
  • SQSRM PTS software is proactive while other timers are only reactive in their performance.​
  • Secure, dedicated iPhone, iPad or Windows software compatibility.​
  • Full solid state system has no moving parts.


We are the 3m Drive Thru headsets resellers in NZ and are proud to be selling the 3M™ Drive-Thru Headset System G5

This is a revolutionary new headset design with innovative features that allows you to reduce repair costs and downtime, increase efficiency and improve the drive- Thru experience for your customers. The 3M™ Drive Thru Headset, G5 is our fifth generation, wireless headset. The first headset on the market featuring in store reparability and Smart technology. Combined with its lightweight and comfortable design, industry known sound clarity, and the 3M(TM) Basestation Package makes the 3M(TM) Drive thru system, Clearly the Sound Decision.

  • Sound clarity with mic array technology​
  • Capacitive touch buttons​
  • Indicator lights on mic boom​
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